Uniquely qualified

Yesterday I visited the Kelly Myers Park playground Trustee Terri Michelsen and I worked on together as our first Roscoe Township project. Planning it was fun. We went to other playgrounds in the area and asked kids what equipment they liked and what they wished they had. The vendors gave us lists of projects they’d done over the last 20 years and I went to those playgrounds - all over Winnebago County - and climbed on the equipment myself - to see what held up well over the years and what didn’t. After much discussion, we decided on this.

I’m proud of this playground, and I’m proud of the work I’ve done on the Township’s proposed historic park and community center - a project which will provide recreation opportunities for folks of all ages, including our seniors.


But I knocked on a lot of doors when I ran for township and I know many of us are frustrated with local government - we want to see real change - and in Illinois, townships aren’t legally responsible for very much. So when our District 4 County Board Member abruptly resigned in March, and the seat came up for election in November, I knew I had to consider it.

I did. And I’m announcing today that I’m running for Winnebago County Board District 4!

The Winnebago County Board is dysfunctional. Over the past few years we’ve had the Purchasing Director imprisoned for embezzlement, the Board vote to strip the Chairman of his powers, and voters sue the Board over that action. It’s not difficult to see why a Board Member would quit.

But I’m not deterred - I’m determined. I was determined to win my township race. I wasn’t recruited to run by the local powers that be or appointed to a seat. Independently, I decided to run. I ran and I won. Now, I’m determined to be elected to the County Board - and determined to create a county government that works for all of us, not just the wealthy and the well-connected.

I am uniquely qualified. Not only do I have 3 ½ years with the Township, I’m a graduate of the United Counties Council of Illinois Leadership Academy. I know local government.

Then there’s my education and profession. I hold a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Illinois College of Pharmacy and am a pharmacist specializing in oncology. I understand science and I understand medicine - which is profoundly important to evaluating the complex risk versus benefit equations involved in how the county should respond to the ongoing covid crisis. I also understand the importance of evidence-based solutions to decrease both crime and police violence, evidence-based solutions that will create a more just society without increasing cost.

And I have almost nine years experience as an anti-corruption activist, teaching folks about how politicians sometimes use public power for personal gain, how we can stop them, then organizing folks to make it happen.

So now I’m running for County Board and I’m asking you to join us.

This isn’t just about my vision for Winnebago County. It’s about yours. How can we create a community where we’re all heard and where we all thrive? How can we re-imagine our ineffective institutions and help folks see there may be a better way? If you have ideas - please share! You can send them to me at elizabeth@elizabethlindquist.com

Running a campaign costs money too - yard signs, walk literature (I do hope to knock on every door safely), and mailers. I know things are so very tight for many folks right now, but if your finances allow it, please consider a donation. Whether it’s $5 or $100, every little bit helps. You can donate here.


Thank you for your support. And I do hope to see you in person soon!



Trustee Elizabeth Lindquist



Vote Elizabeth November 3rd

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