Ten Trustee Candidates on Our Township Ballot

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Today, seven candidates for Roscoe Township Trustee positions were placed back on the April 4th ballot for the third time. Candidates Steve Connell, Matthew Servant, Patricia Zintak, Tom Hawes, Todd Piper, Thomas Jack, and Jesse Garcia were removed from the ballot on January 24th by the unanimous decision of the Roscoe Township Electoral Board. The candidates then appealed that decision to the 17th Judicial Circuit Court. Judge Eugene Doherty ruled today that they be reinstated.

As someone observing these proceedings from the outside, I applaud the Clean Slate candidates (Kelly Cosgriff, Dawn Cassady, Jim Benkovich, Pat Henderson, Steve Schreier, Terri Michelsen, David D'Aloia, and Rhonda Surratt) for exposing the multiple errors the establishment candidates made in the submission of simple candidate filings. Now that the Court has issued it's final ruling, we can move on to discussing ways we can engage residents and build community in our township. And I very much look forward to the opportunity to oversee the finances of Roscoe Township the same way I filed my campaign paperwork, accurately and thoroughly.

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Early voting is underway. Election ends April 6th.

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