Again, thank you

Heading into this race, I knew it would be difficult for us to win this overwhelmingly Republican district. But I also knew I could personally knock on enough doors, sharing my record as a Township Trustee and anti-corruption activist, to make it possible.

We did that, but it wasn’t enough.

Turnout was very high. Votes cast for this seat were 74% of registered voters this year, up from 60% in 2016. We were able to get many Republicans and Independents to understand why I was the better choice, but working full time and holding another elected office didn’t give me enough free time to talk to the number of voters we needed to account for that turnout.

I'm incredibly proud of the campaign we ran. It was sad - actually the most depressing part of the campaign, because I love you all and miss you immensely - but necessary, to severely limit in-person events. Many thanks to those of you who participated in them. The video editing skills of two of you was absolutely critical, and I was occasionally brought to tears by the generous donations from friends and labor. I'm particularly grateful for my Republican supporters, folks who were able to look past the D and see someone who has fought hard to keep her promises to residents and keep Roscoe Township fiscally responsible.

Thank you all for all of it.

I remain committed to helping folks get involved in local government. Municipal, township, and school board elections are coming up in April. If you live in the area and want to run for local office, please contact me asap. There are several specific needs (don’t worry, none of them require the kind of work this county board seat required) and there are folks available to help.

Again, thank you. I remain hopeful.

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Early voting is underway. Election ends April 6th.

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