Every time I’ve run for office, I’ve run against corruption.

Every time I’ve run for office, I’ve run against corruption. Every single time, insiders and powerbrokers have attacked me for it.

In 2018 I ran for State Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Illinois. Those are the folks who vote for Michael Madigan for Chairman of the party every four years. I ran as part of an Anti-Madigan slate.

Through an intermediary, Madigan offered us a deal - pre-pledge to vote for him for Chair and he’d stay out of our races. We didn’t take the deal. In the end, Madigan spent $50,000 against me, sending out five different mailers to IL-16 Democrats (see pics below).

He labeled me a "Fake Democrat" because I was working with Republicans on bipartisan anti-corruption reform. He labeled me a Tea Partier because I was willing to work with people who have different ideologies than me.

The powerbrokers always laud bipartisanship when you’re working on something they like, but I was working on reforms that Madigan fiercely opposes. Reforms that pose a direct threat to his number one means of controlling his caucus: money, specifically campaign donations.

Now my opponent, who is supported by county insiders and powerbrokers, is attacking me for participating in a 2016 peaceful sit-in at the US Capitol in support of similar anti-corruption reforms.

Just like Mike Madigan, county insiders and powerbrokers will say and do anything to get their candidate in office.

I’m not surprised. I’ll add his mailer to my collection of evidence that I’m upsetting the right people.

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