Roscoe Township has a strong youth sports culture, and Roscoe Independents have helped to improve it

When Cross Park reached full capacity in 2016, there was no structure to any of the scheduling and it quickly became a nightmare for neighboring residents and sports families. On Saturdays too many teams would be scheduled to play, and sports families would have to park in residential areas because there was not enough parking at Cross Park. Cars were parked in people’s yards, in front of driveways, and generally created a hazard for residents in Hononegah Country Estates and Evergreen Manor.

The current Township Board stepped in, and replaced the free-for-all system with an annual application process for Sports Leagues. We took over scheduling and increased the amount of time reserved for individual games. Now nearby residents are able to live and travel freely with no risk from overparking, and sports families are able to park at Cross Park for their games instead of having to walk from nearby neighborhoods.

The Board’s job is to protect our residents, both sports families and sports neighbors. This solution improved Cross Park for everyone.

We appreciate the strong cooperation and support we’ve received from the Roscoe Township Board over the last 20+ years. The new annual field reservation process is simple and straightforward. This Board clearly recognizes youth sports programs are critical to the development of our youth and the future of our community.

Dennis McKinney

Stateline Sports Group

As a Township Board, the Roscoe Independents have done a lot to make the Township Government work better for you:

  • We’ve decreased the township property tax rate every year.

  • As a group, we have pledged not to take a pension from the township. If elected, we will continue to eliminate pensions for township elected officials.

  • Made improvements to our sports facilities, including a new playground at Kelly Myers Park and baseball field and signage improvements at Cross Park.

  • Established the 17 acre Founders Park and crafted a plan to build a community center with existing savings.

  • We've won a $704,000 grant from the IDNR for Founders Park.

  • Increased transparency by creating a township website, publicizing township meetings, and having booths at community events like RoRo Expo.

  • All of this progress has been made without borrowing money.

Working smart for you. Vote Roscoe Independents for Roscoe Township.

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